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Luque Bernal, Ricardo Miguel  |  Investigador Persona


Doctor with a master's degree in human genetics and a doctorate in bioethics. Morphology teacher for 12 years, with a multidimensional approach to anatomy and embryology considering 3 axes of development, both from the teaching and research perspectives. These are:

Discipline: investigating anatomical variations of the vascular system and their impact on health, in this line of research a call was won by Minciencias on the correlation between anatomical variations of the vascular system and aneurysms, research that is being carried out at this time. Also, to teach the development and anatomical characteristics of the structures of the human body to undergraduate and graduate students.

Education: An approach has been developed from the Teaching for the Understanding of the teaching of anatomy, with a clear emphasis on the anatomical-clinical correlation, which includes the implementation of a chair of clinical anatomy. The implementation of TYC in the classroom has been given by: to. Development of a virtual reality video game, called NANOSURGEON-BREAST GLAND. As a way of bringing the playful part closer to the teaching/learning exercise. b. Creation of a MOOC called fundamentals of anatomy and basic surgical technique.

Ethical: It is fundamental in morphological sciences; therefore it has been implemented in a transversal way both in teaching and research, with the active implementation of medical professionalism in the anatomy classroom and developing projects to evaluate ethics in science. morphological, particularly from the perspective of bioethical tensions in embryology, approached with an investigation of the ethical aspects of genetic counseling in Colombia.

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