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Tintin, the Secret Indentity: A study behind tintin's personality traits. Panel de conferencia uri icon


  • Introduction: Personality traits can be described using the five factor model of general personality functioning: Extraversion, Agreeableness, Emotional stability vs Neuroticism, Conscientiousness, Culture. Serving as a model to clarify situations related to personality psychology. The Myers-Briggs type indicator is an introspective self-report questionnaire that serves to indicate different psychological preferences in how humans experience the world around them. It is based on four principal functions sensation, intuition, feeling and thinking.Case Study: This case describes Tintin’s personality traits (A series of 24 comic albums created by George Remi “Hergé”). A clever journalist and adventurer pilot. Almost a hero in his early twenties.Discusion: Personality traits can be described using the five factor model of general Tintin is a celebrated comic “hero” who has been gone through a lot in a physical way but also emotionally. To make things worse, Tintin didn’t get to share his problems with a lover or partner. The results of the MBTI test give us a INFJ type personality which lands of a person with vision and meaning oriented, quietly intense, insightful, creative, sensitive, seeks harmony, growth but serious. Although the inconclusiveness of Tintin’s Introversion versus Extraversion balance suggests he fits between INFJ and ENFJ personality type. Interestingly, data from the website suggests that 65% of users who stated inbetween types as Tintin end to be gay males. Inconclusively, Tintin’s sexual orientation remains a mystery that only he can solve.
  • Personality has been defined from different perspectives, a variety of scales has been used in order to measure the numerous personality traits. Scales that gave little guidance with poor concept name relation with some of these traits and also that varies according to each assessor’s scale interpretation. In order to fight against this problematic, an integration of concepts with the introduction of a descriptive model in personality psychology was the solution to it. An extenuating researched that involved along the years several variables in order to determine five dimensions had to be made to structure the taxonomy in human personality. These variables rated from people with no more than high school education to first year graduate students, ratings by peers, supervisors,teachers, or experienced clinicians in diverse settings. The analyses, made at the time by Tupes and Christal found five strong and recurrent factors between descriptions. This five-factor structure was later replicated by Norman, Borgatta (1963), Goldberg in the 1981 named them “Big five” to emphasize the amplitude of each factor (1). The Adventures of Tintin (Les Aventures de Tintin) a series of 24 comic albums that were created by a Belgian cartoonist George Remi who wrote under the pseudonym of Herg’. He created a personage that became one of the most popular European comic characters of the 20th century. It is developed during a pretty realistic era. It was written in more than 70 languages around the world, with sold over to 200 million copies. This case is then a study of Tintin’s personality traits, a man in his early twenties. Tintin is a clever journalist and adventurer/pilot. Also, a man with a particular endurance who has survived collisions and crashes, capable of fight to bring two men by himself, fight corruption without too much effort. He has excellent people skills and speaks a bunch of languages which is very helpful in connect to different humans, let`s not forget that he also loves animals, for example hisloyal partner Snowy (“Milou” in French). So, we have a person who has a very good reputation if we ask captain Haddock (his adventure companion), and hasno bad habits and apparently is one of the best humans in the comic world. However, to the question how can such a wonderful human being can be alone? The interest to know some of his personality traits could showed some psychopathology or the fact that he is just gay, some facts are that he never showed interest in girls, a dog that is unambiguously heterosexual having thetendency to be distracted by lady dogs, tendency that is blocked by his owner, what about his best friend, a middle-aged sailor? Really? So, the writermight want to keep him in the closet all these years

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  • 2018-5-6