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Experiences of functional recovery in a psychosocial rehabilitation program: Aimed at people with severe mental disorder Panel de conferencia uri icon


  • ObjectivesIn functional recovery of people with severe mental disorder, different cognitive domains are involved, in particular, those related to social cognition. For this reason, work on specific neuro-cognitive domains in an outpatient program must be developed within interdisciplinary team. This must be done in individual modules of cognitive stimulation, arranged in a hierarchical and progressive way, to ensure that they are eventually related to the real contexts of the person and at the most advanced levels are included in their repertoire of social behaviors.MethodsFollow-up study of a cohort of patients with severe mental disorder who have participated in a psychosocial rehabilitation programResultsWe present clinical, cognitive and functional outcomes stratified by the initial condition, diagnosis and severity of the functional disability.ConclusionsAdequate intervention models within the psychosocial and functional rehabilitation program for people with Established Mental Disorder are required to actually improve the octucome of patients; particularly the results in cognitive performance are improved, this generate a positive impact on autonomy, independence and psychosocial functioning, achieving a successful inclusion in society.

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  • 2021-10-20