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Ondo Méndez, Alejandro Oyono  |  Investigador Persona


Dr. Alejandro Ondo-Méndez is an Associate Professor in the Biochemistry Unit, Department of Biomedical Sciences of the School of Medicine and Health Sciences. It belongs to the research line in Translational Biochemistry and Genomic Medicine of the Clinical Research Group of the University.

His research projects are aimed at identifying the cellular and molecular mechanisms of cancer's response to anti-tumor treatments. These works combine approximations of Metabolomics, Radiobiology and Basic Biochemistry, to propose new strategies for diagnostic and treatment of cancer, from a translational research vision.

Dr. Ondo-Méndez has established collaborations with national institutions such as the Cancer Control Center Ltda, the Metabolomic Center of Universidad de los Andes, the Directorate of Nuclear Affairs of the Colombian Geological Service, the Hospital Universitario Mayor (Méderi), the Hospital Universitario La Samaritana, and Universidad ECCI; it has also established collaborations with international institutions such as the Université Cote d'Azur (France), and the Leiden University Medical Center (Netherlands).

Research work developed under these collaborations has been funded by entities such as ECOS-Nord and MinCiencias and published in journals with international impact. Recently, thanks to a nascent collaboration with professors from the University's Biomedical Ing. program and Concordia University (Canada), Dr. Ondo-Mendez's team has dabbled in the development of nanotechnological structures to optimize the treatment of cancer and other pathologies. In this context, funding was obtained from the University Agency of Francophonia (PRISA-AUF call) for student mobility. Likewise, from his research in Radiobiology, he has dabbled in laser and ultrasound application research in tissue regeneration, in partnership with professors of physiotherapy at the University. His research results result in an improvement in the quality of his teaching, not only in the training research processes related to the Biochemistry, Cancer and Radiobiology Research Incubator, which he directs, but with the implementation of new teaching-learning methodologies in the Biochemistry courses for the Medical and Biology programs he teaches.

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