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Glacier Melting and Retreat: Understanding the Perception of Agricultural Households that Face the Challenges of Climate Change Documento de trabajo uri icon


  • In recent years a rise in glaciers equilibrium line, both in Colombia and Latin America has been observed. Glacier melting and retreat lead to a change in the availability of water, which largely affects agriculture, being it responsible for 10-14 percent of Colombian GDP. Using framed economic experimental games, we studied the decisions made by farmers that depend on high-mountain water about water use and their response to institutions that facilitate adaptation to climate change. Results show that farmers react to reduction in water availability increasing the use of surface water from districts, ignoring that this source also depends on climatic conditions. When players face the possibility to adapt to climate change, they tend to invest in such strategies, but consumption of water is not reduced. From the results, policy recommendations emerge about strategies for facing water scarcity in a climate-change scenario.

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  • 2013-04