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Hidroituango intake gate closure - Emergency conditions uri icon


  • This article presents the investigation, analysis, and results of the intake gate closure of two vertical fixed-wheel gates at the hydroelectric project Ituango in Colombia (2400 MW) under free- flow conditions. This atypical operation was considered successful notwithstanding adverse conditions, and therefore, it can be classified as a unique operation in the field of hydraulic gates. In this article, some relevant parameters, such as the hydraulic force of the servomotor during the operation of the gate, were measured before and after the operation and analyzed, and the results were presented. A new chart is proposed for the downpull coefficient based on the collected data, which could be implemented in the closure of gates against the free flow. Considering the abovementioned factors, the authors propose some recommendations and present drawn conclusions contributing to state of the art on design, manufacturing, and operation of this type of hydraulic gates and structures for large and small dams under adverse and extreme conditions.