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El proceso de diseño de un molino vibro-planetario para la producción de materiales compuestos uri icon


  • This paper show the process the design of a mill that combines the planetary and vibratory movement of the containers the material nano meter size, to use it in the production of composite materials. There is wished that with the combination of both movements, this to convert a mill of high energy for the quantity of movement on the milling elements, and, also on a mill of high capacity for the quantity of mass that it is possible to mill in every patch. In this design it was considered two basic principles that are, centrifugal movement and axial vibratory movement of the containers that of the powders, where the combination of both movements guarantees accelerations induced on the milling elements up to six (6) times the gravity and an high quality in the mechanical final alloy, in relation to the size and uniformity of the alloy. There was realized the conceptual and detailed design of all the mechanisms and parts that of the mill, the dynamics simulation of the assembly and the structural analysis of the essential components. During the all process of design it was support with specializing software, for example for the modeling of all the parts and the assembly used the Solid Edge; for the structural analysis used the Algor and the Ansys software, and, in the dynamical simulation used the Working Model and others. The use of all these tools computational they were realized by criteria of design of inverse Engineering and Quality Function Deployment QFD.