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Afinidades biogeográficas de los galateoideos (Decapoda: Anomura) del Caribe y Pacífico colombiano uri icon


  • Objective. Determine the distribution and biogeographic affinity of the galateoid species found in Colombian waters. The study is based upon bibliographic data and samples collected during expeditions between 1999 and 2002. Materials and methods. Samples of galateoids were collected from 100 locations, from depths ranging between 20 and 550 m, along the Pacific and Caribbean coasts of Colombia. The collected material and geographic information were used to create distribution maps, which were compared with the Marine Ecoregions of the World classification. Results. A total of 3247 specimens of 18 species of the genera Agononida, Anomoeomunida, Munida, Munidoposis y Pleuroncodes were collected in the Caribbean and Pacific regions, and the information was completed with bibliographic data from 40 species of the superfamily with known presence in Colombian waters. Five main distribution groups of species were established: Caribbean, Caribbean and Western Atlantic, pan-Atlantic, Eastern Pacific, and Pan-American. Comparisons with the Marine Ecoregions of The World Map showed that 53 % of the collected species in the Caribbean are also present in the temperate region of the North Atlantic and the East Tropical Pacific province. The greatest affinity among the Colombian Pacific species was found in the Eastern Tropical region of the Pacific Ocean. Conclusions. Ample geographic and bathymetric ranges of Galateoids are present in Colombian marine environments, showing a sympatric distribution among some species. Shallow water species presented more restrictions than deep water ones. The distribution mechanisms of the species correspond with their life cycle and the predominant currents of each province.