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Del Riesgo Prendes, Lilia  |  Investigador Persona


Physician, Specialist in Clinical Biochemistry and Master of Science with an emphasis in Biochemistry. Principal Professor of Biochemistry at the University's School of Medicine and Health Sciences. Professor of Biochemistry in the Undergraduate Medicine and Rehabilitation and Postgraduate Programs (Medical Specialization, Masters and Doctorate) of the School. Direction of research projects about Alterations of Brain Metabolism associated with Perinatal Hypoxia and its impact on neurodevelopment and Research in Higher Education. Belongs to the Neuroscience Research Group. Has published numerous articles related to research results and research books on Biochemistry and General and Tissue Metabolism, for students and teachers of the Biochemistry subject.

In the last five years has directed Master’s and Specialization Thesis framed in the Research Projects of Perinatal Hypoxia and its population impact in agreement and collaboration with the Gynecology and Obstetrics and Neonatology Units of the Hospital Universitario Mayor Mederi de Bogotá; has published articles related to these results. Publication of the Book: Metabolism of the Digestive System, the Liver and the Biliary Tracts in 2019 in the Editorial of the Universidad del Rosario. Direction of two new research proposals framed in the solutions to the learning of Biochemistry in virtual conditions, within the framework of the current situation. Presentation of research results in national and international scientific events. She has received recognitions and awards for her teaching and research work such as Distinguished Professor and the Award for Academic Excellence.

Her areas of interest correspond to Neurosciences and teaching tools for learning Biochemistry in Health Sciences Programs in Higher Education.

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