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Fonthal Rico, Faruk  |  Investigador

Dr. Fonthal is an academician dedicated to teaching, training, mentoring engineering students, and advancing electronic devices using microsystems for biomedical applications. He obtained a degree in electronic engineering from the Autonomous University of West (UAO) in 1999 and received a Ph.D. in Electronic Engineering from Rovira i Virgili University in 2006. He served as coordinator in the Engineering Faculty's electronic and telecommunication area management for more than ten years, as principal investigator in projects sponsored by the UAO, and as the principal advisor of more than ten doctoral and master’s students. He has taught one hundred engineering courses and advised hundreds of electronic, mechatronic, and biomedical engineering students. He published over fifty technical papers and has been a reviewer or guest editor of international journals, including Micromachines, Sensors, Molecules, Journal of Electronic Materials, and IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems II: Express Briefs. Currently, he’s an IEEE senior member and an active member in the IEEE Colombian section and R9 Latinoamerican region for the Circuits and Systems Society.
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