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Modelo de fiabilidad y validez de la fuerza competitiva de Porter “amenaza de entrantes potenciales”: Hallazgos desde el sector financiero colombiano Artículo académico uri icon


  • This document proposes a model focused on validating one of the five competitive market forces done by Michael Porter; punctually the force of Threat of new Entrants in “entry barriers” category. This, looking for discussing from the empirical evidence, the pertinence and current validity of Porter´s theoretical foundations, regarding the competitive performance of meso-sectors or industries. The proposed model provides empirical evidence of entry barriers structure for Colombian Banking sector, based on data collected in 2015, which also allows us to explore the timely relevance of each conceptual factor in that sector. To achieve this aim, a statistical model supported by a confirmatory factorial analysis (CFA) was developed to analyze the validity of each proposed factor, and demonstrate that selected variables for (i) capital requirements, (ii) access to distribution channels and (iii) product differentiation factors, evidence a higher level of internal reliability, while factors like (i) scale economics, (ii) changing costs and (iii) government policy, showed unacceptable coefficients. As main findings, research shows that scale economics is a factor that generates the greatest contribution to the model, which evidence that any banking institution manages to overcome or affect this factor, it would also directly affect the factors of product differentiation, costs changes and access to distribution channels. Regarding the least impact factor on model structure, results shows that government policies as select one, because its impact on the competitive strategy can be effective in the medium and long term.

fecha de publicación

  • 2020-1-1