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La imagen corporal de la mujer en la publicidad grafica de las revistas femeninas Espanolas de alta gama Artículo académico ExcludedPerson uri icon


  • In the current capitalist and patriarchal context, the media-through its commercial tools-continues to propose, articulate and exalt women's bodies as the central axis of the feminine universe, where beauty is considered the main attribute that represents and elevates women in contemporary society. In their advertising content, high-end Spanish women's magazines depict, reflect and disseminate ad nauseam female models with extreme body patterns and restrictive measurements (size andlt; 36, height ≥ 170 centimeters and ectomorphic somatotypes). Moreover, these females are associated with bodily and aesthetic features such as white ethnicity, medium-length/long hair, light-colored eyes, youth and a high degree of facial and bodily perfection. In terms of representativeness in the advertising space, this process has contributed to the blurring and restriction of other female body patterns, whose space has been reduced and constrained in favor of other restrictive body patterns.

fecha de publicación

  • 2019-12-1