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Understanding Adherence to Physiotherapy: Findings From Observational Clinical Study in Patients With Asthma Artículo académico uri icon


  • Disclosure:None.Objective:Health care provider adherence to asthmaguidelines is poor. National study aimed to investigate current adherence ofthe recommendations in respiratory rehabilitation raised by the BritishThoracic Society in the management of asthma among physiotherapists fromboth the primary and secondary care settings.Design:A cross-sectionalstudy.Setting:Ten general hospitals in the four main cities of Colombia.Participants:224 physiotherapists.Interventions:None.MainOutcome Measures:This self-report questionnaire was used to identifyinterventions and components of respiratory rehabilitation programs as rec-ommended by the British Thoracic Society (from 1 for“always applied”to 5for“never applied”). Demographic and practice data were collected.Results:The sample included 224 physiotherapists of which 169 werewomen (75.4%) and 55 were men (24.5%). Most of the sample age rangedfrom 20 to 29 years old (56.7%). Breathing exercises“an intervention withhigh level of evidence (grade A)”always applied in 35.3% of physiotherapists.In addition we found low response rates of interventions with moderate gradeof recommendation (grade B) such as the Buteyko breathing technique anduse of suitable tools (i.e: asthma-specific quality of life measure, measures ofanxiety and depression and the Nijmegen questionnaire) was response (94%and 21%) respectively among respondents.Conclusions:We confirmimportant differences in therapeutic assistant components of the respiratoryrehabilitation raised by the British Thoracic Society for patients with asthma.

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  • 2014-1-1