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Decentralized Control for Urban Drainage Systems via population dynamics: Bogotá case study Panel de conferencia uri icon


  • Control of Urban Drainage Systems (UDS) is studied for cases in which the distribution of run-off through the channels of a system is inefficient, i.e. when the capacity of some structures is not used optimally. In this paper, a decentralized population-dynamics-based control for UDS is presented, particularly using the replicator and projection dynamics. For the design, a methodology to make a partitioning of the system is introduced, and the design of a population-dynamics-based control per each partition is proposed. Moreover, a stability analysis of the closed-loop system is made by using passivity theory. Finally, simulation results show the proposed approach performance in a segment of the Bogotá stormwater UDS case study.

fecha de publicación

  • 2015-11-16