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Franco Cuervo, Ana Beatríz  |  Investigador Persona


Full Professor at the Faculty of International, Political and Urban Studies. Line of Research Democracy and Society. PhD in Political Science, Sociology and German, as a foreign language, at the University of Heidelberg-Germany. Founder and director of the Observatory of Electoral Processes OPE (2005-2014). Sabbatical period and Post-doctorate in 2015-6, in Heidelberg and Short stay for training and research in Switzerland at the Peace and Dialogue Institute, (May-August 2018), in Switzerland. (Institut für Frieden und Dialog (IPD) Different publications related to the topics of interest (book, book chapters, and magazine articles).

Specialist in elections and electoral systems. Interested in studies on democracies - participation, representation, elections and electoral systems.

Project "Facts and different interpretations" as an extension activity, with the aim of socializing different points of view and experiences on ambivalent problems and diverse perspectives of solution.

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