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Feged Rivadeneira, Alejandro  |  Investigador Persona


Alejandro Feged Rivadeneira is Assistant Professor at the Universidad del Rosario, in the Urban Management and Development program at the Faculty of International, Political and Urban Studies (FEIPU). In recent years, he has dedicated his attention to studying different aspects from a multidisciplinary perspective that relate the following fields: human ecology, demography, ecology of disease and democratic processes in social networks.

In general, his lines of research are 3:
Spatio-temporal dynamics of the disease, in order to improve public health policies.
Urban growth and its association with vulnerable communities.
Political participation in social networks around electoral processes.

To study these phenomena, Alejandro combines quantitative ethnography approaches with analysis of cell phone data, pathogen genomes, remote sensing (satellite images), and social media data.

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