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Upper limb neurodynamic test 1 in patients with clinical diagnosis of carpal tunnel syndrome: A diagnostic accuracy study Panel de conferencia uri icon


  • The aim of this study was to compare the diagnostic accuracy of the Neural test 1 with nerve conduction test for the assessment of patients with clinical diagnosis of CarpalTunnel Syndrome (CTS). Materials and methods: This validation study was carried out in 117 subjects -234 hands - with CTS. The nerve conduction test was used as thereference test. Results: A sensitivity of 93 % and specificity of 6.67 % was found for Upper limb neurodynamic test 1. The positive likelihood ratio was 1.04 and the negativelikelihood ratio was 1.00. The positive predictive value was 86.9 % and the negative predictive value 12.5%. Discussion: Due to its high sensitivity and positive predictivevalue but low specificity, this research suggests the application of neural test 1 just as a screening test for CTS followed by more specific tests. New studies with participationof subjects with no clinical diagnosis of CTS are strongly recommended.

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  • 2019-9-1